Here are some reviews from coachees who have benefited from coaching with me. They were kind enough to share their honest experiences, which might help you get the information you need.

“Thank you for our session and for the email with beautiful tools. I really enjoyed it and am happy to have welcomed you into my life. I feel at ease with you and can therefore open up well, and by opening up to you, I also open up to myself. This week I will apply the tips.”Casper

‘Sheryl has this natural ability of truly listening and hearing someone. This, alongside her warm, compassionate and trusting demeanour have made my coaching trajectory with her truly transformative. The matters where I felt stuck in life were unpacked in such a graceful manner, allowing me to work through these sometimes deeply rooted patterns in a clear and soft yet empowering way. Sheryl’s wisdom and kind spirit have helped me tremendously, resulting me to now feel more present, enlivened and connected.’Carmen

“The coaching is great, I regularly do the breathing exercises in combination with meditation.”Heiko

“What a wonderful, relaxing session with Sheryl! Even though I didn’t have any ‘insurmountable challenges’ in my life when I booked the session, I did run into some issues in my daily patterns. I wanted to share this with someone for a second opinion. Sheryl took the time to listen (sincerely!) and provided valuable advice. But above all: through Sheryl’s two guided meditations I have experienced and learned that deep within myself there is an enormous source of peace, which I can connect to whenever I need it. What an eye-opener! I will definitely be back for more sessions with Sheryl, and I think her sessions would benefit many others, as a beautiful gift to themselves!”Maurits